We watch bad TV so you don’t have to.

And then we make fun of it. Every other Wednesday! Badwatch is the only show brave enough to ask questions like WTF was going on in Quantico? Was it just a commercial for Priyanka Chopra’s hair? Is there supposed to be a fifth character in Hawaii 5-0, or is it the island? Join us as we plumb the depths of the worst television and the limits of our sanity.

We also wrote each other’s bios:


Andy is married to Evan’s sister, which is how they know each other. He’s an excellent cook, but his favorite food is Gushers. He is a man full of contradictions, but is blessed with an adorable giggle. Andy is a computer gamer and plays lots of Dungeons & Dragons. He often says Evan is one of the greatest minds of our time.







Evan has been in manlove with Andy since first glimpsing his magnificent mane. He writes a lot, and laughs too much at his own jokes. He sings and plays music, largely because he is so taken with the sound of his own voice. He is a tremendous uncle and catdad.